Produce & Vegetarian

Joby-MushroomsFresh Food at Albert’s Table

We are fortunate that the UK provides world-class meat, fish, dairy and vegetables. All our dishes are created from seasonal British ingredients and are chosen and served when they are at their best.

Gluten Free Bread

We bake our bread fresh; daily, for all our guests to enjoy.  We serve Organic Gluten free Linseed bread rolls for those with an intolerance.


We work very closely and have built great relationships with highly regarded fishmongers to ensure that we get the freshest day boat fish available every day.


Our fantastic meat dishes use meat from animals that are reared with the freedom to roam freely outdoors and allowed to grow at a natural rate, resulting in depth of flavor and tenderness.

We are highly passionate about respecting each animal; so rather than buying individual cuts we use as much of the animal that is possible. Every cut can be just as tasty as the next, as long as it is looked after and cooked correctly.


Joby and his team display their expert cooking skills on our vegetarian menus, we offer vegan alternatives too, to view our vegetarian menu please click here.

As with all our dishes, the vegetarian are developed to bring together exciting, tasty, and seasonal ingredients, to create dishes that match the high standard of the rest of our menu.

We have a fridge that is full of prime, fresh vegetables so if you have a particular favorite that isn’t featured please do tell us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Of course it always helps if you give us a little notice please, feel free to phone up and let us know before you dine with us!

Please do give us feedback on the vegetarian food we serve, it is always highly welcomed.

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